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Palm Beach Holistic Counseling LLC is not your typical mental health/substance abuse counseling practice.  We take a very different approach to mental health and substance abuse counseling which encompasses the body, mind and spirit and has been proven effective in treating and healing individuals with varying degrees of challenges.  Here we do not only utilize the most effective mental health modalities in treating our clients, but we also combine nutritional examination, personal physical fitness training, and spiritual exploration into your plan in order to face your challenge from a holistic perspective.  What does holistic mean?  The holistic approach to counseling is based off the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and that we get the most out of life when all areas are functioning optimally.  Here at Palm Beach Holistic Counseling, you will be able to address not just one, but all areas of your life to ensure that you get the most out of your life and find true happiness and serenity. 

BODY: Your body is your Temple!  At Palm Beach Holistic Counseling we want you to be able to achieve mental clarity and serenity through addressing all areas of your life, often times this all starts with taking a close look at our physical health and nutrition!  You will be able to achieve the physical results that you desire though working with a personal trainer on a fitness routine and nutrition plan that fits your needs.  Addressing the your physiological needs is crucial in achieving a lasting sense of well being and peace.

MIND: What you think, you become!  Whether it is Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Self- Esteem or any other momentary struggle in your life, At Palm Beach State Holistic Counseling LLC, we use a personalized version of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) modality of therapy as well as many others to best suit your personal challenges that you are working through.  Your mind and your perception is under your control, so make your mind work FOR you and not against you with our professional help. 

SPIRIT: Palm Beach Holistic Counseling is a strong proponent of beginning or increasing attention placed on your own spiritual journey.  Spirituality is a very personal journey that everyone is on whether one knows it or not.  At Palm Beach Holistic Counseling we will work with you starting where you are at, on cultivating and enriching your spiritual experience through practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer coaching, and spiritual literature. 


REFERRAL NETWORK:    Palm Beach Holistic Counseling LLC wants you to achieve the best possible results for your life and if we are not the best fit for you personally, we will find you guidance anyway.  We have a very large network of practitioners in the area ranging from Mental Health Therapists to Physicians, to Yoga Practitioners, to Fitness Studio Owners and everything in between.  Please call us now and Palm Beach Holistic Counseling will connect you to the right people to get you started on your journey to peace and happiness!

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